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ARM Development System

ARM Development System is a comprehensive and lightweight package which supports for GNU ARM C Compiler, GNU ARM C Compiler, BiPOM Graphics Library (GL) for OLED and other displays.Major Features:Micro-IDE - a Windows-based Integrated Development

Microchip Development System

Microchip Development System introduces you a complete and advanced, fully integrated system that includes: Micro-IDE - a Windows-based Integrated Development Environment, Serial Loader, Terminal, complete online documentation, Project

MSP Development System

MSP Development System is an intuitive and

Hadrian Development System  v.0.2

Hadrian Development System replaces the traditional C/C++ bracket syntax with color coded objects for different code elements. It makes code easier to read. It will eventually become an IDE and support other

Development System  v.1.0

Project designed for educational purposes. Development System is a system of integrated development, where several developers can develop in the same project simultaneously and instanteneamente.

Cold Shadows Server Development System  v.1.0

The Cold Shadows Server Development System is a set of prebuilt scripts, tools, templates, software, placables and other materials designed for the game "Neverwinter Nights" that allows a PW builder to create villages, mage schools, and other ...

Collaborative Development System (CDSys)  v.1.0

Collaborative Development System (CDSys) is a distributive development environment suitable for the development of projects which are spread across geographic boundaries.

IXA Collaborative Development System  v.1.0

IXA is a server-client system for collaborative software development and testing.

CrossBow Cross Development System  v.1.0

Full-features Integrated Development Environment (IDE) containing built-in cross assemblers for a variety of processors. Will contain built-in emulators and features specific to software development on certain computer systems and consoles.

Audio Development System  v.1.0

Audio Devlopment System (ADS) is a multi track audio/midi recording/playback program written in the Java(c) Programming Language. Reqiures Java VM 1.5 or higher.

NukeCase - Development System  v.1.0

NukeCase is a CASE tools for PHP-Nuke development.

Trixs PHP Development System  v.1.0

Webbased PHP Development Utility with planing, profiling and source control. [no release yet]

Andromeda Database Development System  v.2009.02.20

Complete tool for building database-centric websites, desktop-in-browser business applications, and integrated combinations of the the two. Includes powerful database description language, database builder, zero-code generated forms, and docs

Drag and drop install development system  v.1.0

Script free installation IDE that uses drag and drop gestures to create executable installs. These installs can be run as stand alone GUI, TTY or web/browser based. Installations have a component database used for uninstalls/upgrades. Written in Java.

Vimms  v.2.21a

Vimms is a free visual development system.

Visual Codes for Symbian OS  v.1.0

The goal of this project is the development of a visual code system for camera-equipped mobile phones. It will recognize 2-D visual codes and compute the orientation of the phone relative to the codes. The software will be written in C++ for Symbian OS.

RPG Toolkit Development Project  v.1.0

The RPG Toolkit Development Project is a project to continue the development of the RPG TK Development System.

ZeroKode - Visual Designer for ZK  v.1.0

ZeroKode is a Web-based visual development tool for authoring ZK Ajax pages with drag-and-drop. ZeroKode was originally developed by Chris Spiliotopoulos, Greece.

Future Pinball  v.1.9.20081225

Future Pinball is a real time Pinball Development System.

Programming without coding technology  v.1.8

Programming without coding technology (PWCT) is a visual programming system enables the developers to develop win32 application 100% without coding at all. Users will be able to develop several application without any coding knowledge: database,

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