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DJGPP  v.2.03

DJGPP is a complete 32-bit C/C++ development system for Intel 80386 (and higher) PCs running DOS. It includes ports of many GNU development utilities. The development tools require a 80386 or newer computer to run, as do the programs they produce. In

Tetris09 FREE  v.1.0.97

Tetris09 is a simple Tetris implementation for MacOS. Weve focused to provide the best gameplay without "amazing" sound and visual effects.System Requirements: MacOS 10.5 or higherEnhancements: Initial

Ufasoft Lisp Studio  v.4.30

Common Lisp development system. Includes console and IDE Lisp interpreter and compiler. Possibility of creating EXE-files. Supports CLOS. It is smallest implementation of standard Lisp, just 1MB of binary code.System Requirements: 64 MB

BCU SDK with eibd  v.0.0.5

BCU SDK is a C based, high level development system for creating programs for EIB/KNX BCU devices. It includes the GNU toolchain for the m68hc05 architecture (m68hc05-gcc, m68hc05-gdb, newlib). Bus access is possible using multiple

Defis  v.25

DEFIS is a RAD development system to aid programming in Python. wxPython is used as GUI. Editra is used as IDE. SQLAlchemy is used as

Embuild  v.1.0

embuild/atool is a mature embedded software development system including a unique make tool with auto-dependency generation, source and object version control, and some useful minor utilities. Support for gnu toolchain (C and assembler)

Figerty Editor  v.1.0

Figerty Editor is a basic HTML editor with a visual Preview system that allows you to view your design in one window while you code in the other. The preview window updates in realtime as you type. Aimed at designers, Figerty Editor is in early

Fudeba Optimizer, Compiler and Assembler  v.1.0

FOCA (Fudeba: Optimizer, Compiler and Assembler) is a free development system for the MSX architecture (Z80-based), aiming to provide developer support for the Uzix operating

GameDirector  v.1.0

GameDirector Ver 0.1 Devlopment Build 16_C ( 02-April-2012 ). GameDirector is a new game development system based on the Ogre Engine and is in heavy development. and continues to

GuiForth  v.0.1

guiForth is a customized version of pForth that provides bindings to the FLTK library.The initial goal is to create a software development system for the Agenda VR3 PDA, but guiForth should be portable to any platform that has

HMG  v.2010.09.05

HMG is a xBase Multi-platform development system based on Harbour compiler, MingW compiler, QT and HMG

IMAS - Genomic Analysis & Visualization  v.rc

IMAS is a Visual Analytics system for the discovery of knowledge in genomic information. IMAS enables genomic scientists to rapidly analyze and visualize a set of microbial genomic sequences using tools such as Glimmer, Blast, Clustal-W,

Once:radix  v.

once:radix is a Rapid Application Development system for Intranet and eXtranet environments. Create advanced database-driven web applications that require no expertise in the underlying technologies. Just point and click with pixel-perfect

Perl Server Pages  v.0.17

An object-oriented web development system which allows the construction of dynamic content from a set of files that resemble HTML with some perl inline markup. It has a driver (optimized for FastCGI and mod_perl), acompiler, and a set of

PhpBBViet is phpBB for Vietnamese  v.

Vietnamese language packs for phpBB2, phpBB3, MODs ; Development system based on phpBB

PhpBBVietNam  v.1.0

phpBB iVN [phpBB in Vietnamese] Project - Vietnamese language packs for phpBB2 & phpBB3 & its MODs ; phpBBVietNam2 - Development system based on phpBB3 Core with many features and styles than original ; NEDKA's MODs for phpBB2 &

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